A grassroots initiative founded to connect with each other and with the needs of our Golden community

First United Methodist Church created Home in Golden in 2020 to offer a safe place for our

struggling community member to receive meals, pantry goods, clothing, medical health support, and

guidance for social services and medical assistance. Home in Golden is a volunteer-based

program and uses community-wide members. We partner with other community providers to

offer a variety of programs. See our Partners tab above.

GOLDEN COMMUNITY TABLE – Home in Golden/Golden Community Table provides meals and other

support four times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We serve those who live

unsheltered, the food insecure in our community, and those who walk by.

See the Community Table tab above for details and times.


During the Community Table lunches on Tuesday and Thursdays from 11:30 – 1:30, the Navigator

meets with people experiencing homelessness to identify solutions to complex health and housing

challenges that work best for them, and to support those seek a pathway out of homelessness.


Safe parking provides a safe legal place to sleep and offers stability for people on the path to more

permanent housing. Safe parking invites people to apply to participate in the Safe Parking lot. Those

who apply are background checked and interviewed as they come into the program to ensure

there is a good fit. People who are approved for Safe Parking come to the lot after 5 pm

and leave by 7 am. While they are there, volunteers support them with access to services, and a place

to store belongings if needed. Quiet time is observed from 10 pm to 5 am. People stay in the Safe Parking

program until they have secured more stable housing.

CHRIST'S BODY SHOWER AND LAUNDRY TRUCK - provides showers but only during summer months.

VOLUNTEERS - We are always looking for volunteers who have a couple hours to donate to cook,

serve a meal or clean up after meals. Volunteering with Home in Golden is a wonderful way to connect

to the community.

Please contact HomeinGolden@gmail.com if you are interested or need more information.