Who We Are

We are a vibrant community of faith. 

We are young, and we are in our “golden” years

We are life long Methodist’s, and we are new to Christian community.

We are firm in our faith, and we aren’t afraid to ask questions.

We are on both sides of the aisle. 

We are motivated by love, energized by the Spirit, and welcoming to all who find their way to our door.

The mission of First United Methodist Church of Golden, as with all United Methodist churches is to, transform the world by making Disciples. The vision of our church is Loving Christians, Growing in Spirit, Acting in Faith.

We seek to build disciples through worship, study, and service. Wesley’s Quadrilateral- Scripture, Tradition, Experience, and Reason- leads us in the nurturing of our relationship with a triune God- Father (Creator), Son, and Holy Spirit! Wesley believed that Scripture reveals the living core of Christian faith-which is illumined by tradition, enlivened by experience, and confirmed by reason.